Peace Engagements/Forums

We conduct events to form discussions on issues pertaining to peace in the community more so Kibra been a key spot for pain and suffering

Youth Empowerment

We empower youths on self-esteem, income generating activities while fostering to develop policies that will address unemployment policies

Gender Based Violence

We working hard to build a reputation of customer satisfaction through technical excellence and friendly staff.

Economic Empowerment

IDEWES believes creating jobs and fostering ‘wealth creation’ is an essential intervention that tackles a broad range of development issues within Kibera

Idewes and Micro Credit

A lack of access to credit accentuates poverty traps and cycles of vulnerability, particularly for women who face higher levels of poverty.

Home Based Care

Estimates indicate that currently, 1.5 million Kenyans are living with HIV/AIDS and around 1.2 million children have been orphaned by death due to AIDS.

Education & child sponsorship

Only the educated are free”. Building on our current OVC program, IDEWES looks to the future to empower all young people to reach their full potential

Human Rights & Conflict

At the core of our ‘Sweetening Justice’ program is the goal of empowering victims of abuse to speak out and seek justice in the community

Orphans & Vulnerable Children

HIV/AIDs in the slum there is a real impetus to address safe sex practices and family planning awareness among children.