Orphans & Vulnerable Children

With an estimated 1.2 million children orphaned by death due to AIDS, around one million unplanned pregnancies in Kenya, the risk of HIV/AIDS, over 300,000 people living with HIV/AIDs in the slum there is a real impetus to address safe sex practices and family planning awareness among children.

STRATEGY AND ACHIEVEMENTS: IDEWES targets OVCs through caregivers (guardians) most of whom are members of IDEWES’ GS&L groups, through schools, and through its other programmes and networks. OVCs are supported through the provision of psychosocial support, organised sessions and direct education in schools on sexual health and the risk of HIV/AIDS. Under the ‘sweetening justice’ programme they are also educated on the rights of children. There are currently 400 OVC registered on the IDEWES ‘OVC Support’ program. The majority of these children have in some way been affected by HIV/AIDS and they require constant support. IDEWES carries out regular ‘monitoring and evaluation’ (M&E) exercises to assess capacity needs to support OVCs to have continuous education.