Human Rights & Conflict

Sweetening Justice for Children, Women, and People living with HIV and AIDS

At the core of our ‘Sweetening Justice’ program is the goal of empowering victims of abuse to speak out and seek justice in the community.

STRATEGY AND ACHIEVEMENTS: To achieve this goal, IDEWES creates awareness, identifies cases of rights abuse and promotes access to justice for these victims. IDEWES has worked with CARE Kenya since 2008 to create awareness among 420 children, 400 women and 400 PLWHAs in Kibera. To date, 20 sensitisation sessions have been held with over 100 cases dealt with through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Three Legal Aid Clinics (LAC) have been held over this period with over 92 cases dealt with through the legal system. IDEWES is also working with GRACE Africa, Children’s Legal Action Network (CLAN) and Women Empowerment Link (WEL) to target, support and raise awareness of 330 beneficiaries in the course of 2011 to ensure effective running of the programme.